New Home Is Where The Internet Is!  Tumblr’s 10-page limit is keeping me from posting the whole thing, so head on over to the webcomic to read the rest (plus a blog post with Paris photos and doodles).

I’m going to Strasbourg tomorrow!!!  I’m so excited.  We might take a day trip into Germany and the Black Forest 8-D AHHHHHH.  Back soon, love and hugs~

-Your friend Tally

OMG!! Such a sweet surprise gift..! The bridge is a googly-eyed dolphin. I can’t. 😍I’ve been learning to play ukulele and…there’s something so nice about having one that is mine now. LOVE!

OMG!! Such a sweet surprise gift..! The bridge is a googly-eyed dolphin. I can’t. 😍I’ve been learning to play ukulele and…there’s something so nice about having one that is mine now. LOVE!

your art is really cute i hope draw so good like you! or other artists on tumblr i really think my art sucks because a few people tell me that but i love draw! i hope some day be an artist as good as you!

Oh my goodness…I have had so many people make fun of my art.  Even teachers, in the middle of class!  You’re definitely not alone there.  I think we all have a horror story (or two…or twenty…) about it.  The only real secret is to go back to drawing when someone tells you to stop.
Haters gonna hate! :P Sounds like you’ve got the right attitude — do what you love and never stop! :)

Your art is so fun to look at and really stylish and I love everything about it. Everything. You are on my list of artists that I need to buy things from if I ever have spending money. If you're willing to put it out (or if you have already I'm sorry), what art program do you use and what brush settings? Do you ever make tutorials? Thank you so much.

Awwwwww, thank you. *love overdose*

I post tips now and then on this Tumblr (I recently shared content I made about the 180 degree rule in comics).  I’m interested in talking about it and sharing, but honestly if I have a free afternoon I’m more likely to draw than make a tutorial, you know?  But if there’s a demand for tutorials I could try to put something together.  Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to see. :)

For my digital comics like Home Is Where The Internet Is, I “pencil” and “ink” in Manga Studio 5.  I like the “inker - brush” pen for inking and the “nib letterer” pen for lettering.  I can’t even remember if those were standard tools with the program or downloaded…there are tons of great free brushes available online if you search around.  I color in Photoshop CS4, and for the most part I use the pencil tool to retain sharp edges (it allows me to go back and change things easily, and the pages can be saved as small .png files if I avoid gradients).

What materials do you use for drawing and coloring your life drawings? Like that one you recently posted? (Love your art! And your art style is SO GREAT!)

Thank you! <3 I keep delaying answering this because I made a comic detailing my favorite art supplies that should be coming out soonish (will link, obvs)….But I’ll just go ahead and post it here, too. :) For my life drawings, it’s almost always:

  • Line art - carbon pen
  • Gray washes / shadows - generic alcohol-based markers or a DIY ink wash (take a water brush and add a couple drops of india ink to the water)
  • Spot blacks - pocket brush pen
  • Corrections / white details - generic white gel pen

I also sometimes use Kuretake pocket brush pensBrian Hurtt (artist of The Sixth Gun) draws his pages with them and they’re fantastic - so inexpensive and great line variation for a disposable pen.

Your style is adorable, woah!

Thank you!! <3 ^///^

Wow I really love your artwork can't wait to see more:D I would love to get into storyboarding or character design it's blogs like yours that inspires me to draw more:)

Nice!  Thank you!! :D  GO FOR THE GOLD

Hello! I was wondering what is the correct name for sitting. observing and drawing people on the street? Street sketches? Is there a name?

I….I do not know.  I call it “life drawing” or “street people sketching”.

But this reminds me — my friend Ron Chan has been doing consistently AMAAAAZING work over on Humans of Sketch, which y’all need to be following if you like street portraiture/caricature. :)

You are just so lovely and i want to spend the night browsing your stuff. Keep up the good work Natalie! `v´

Baww, thank you!! :>

Doodle dude

Doodle dude